Tilly and Lee


Tilly and Lee are new to the neighbourhood. Having come down from Prince George, they hope to spend the winter months at the minimum in Vancouver but also hope that this new city can be their new home. When asked about Prince George, Tilly shakes her head, describing it as a place where “rent is high, jobs are scarce, and winters are cold”. Housing is comparable to Vancouver prices and she hopes that moving to the area will allow her to have increased access to services. Tilly and Lee are conscious of the drug-use habits of their neighbours and have plans to stay away from the drug scene. They mostly keep to themselves and classify their occupation as entrepreneurs - often flipping old phones and other electronics at the DTES Street Market on the corner of Cordova and East Hastings. Tilly and Lee hope to continue their work and to get by everyday with a “bit more pocket change that the last”. It’s not common we find new residents in the and we will be following up with both of them to see how their experiences change as the months go by.


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