During the winter months H.O.P.E. gifted blankets to homeless members of Vancouver’s downtown east side. However, the purpose of this initiative was not only to provide these necessary supplies but also to engage in meaningful conversations. In this initiative, the goal was to learn about the ambitions, dreams, and stories of our Vancouver neighbours whose voices are often silenced by societal norms. Through social media, H.O.P.E. used a blog format to shed light on their stories and the issues that they face. We hope that this method, with featured profiles of the individuals we meet on our excursions, will help the public further appreciate and understand the lives of the people who have shaped and continue to shape Vancouver.The mission of our final product- the blog “A City of Stories”, will aim to change societal stereotypes people hold against this group of people and gain insight into their everyday struggles. Through this, we hope to identify better strategies to help them out of homelessness and in turn, share these ideas with local organizations and charities.

Hope for success

With the success of our workshop series, H.O.P.E. expanded their services on the basis of a larger mentorship model that runs for the duration of the year. Graduating students in the Greater Vancouver region are invited to an initial workshop to meet their mentors for the year. At this workshop, students learn about the application process to post-secondary institutions around the world as well as tips and tricks on how to improve their applications for the admission season. Following this, future workshops are targeted towards scholarships, interviews, and finally acceptances and planning for university careers. Mentors and Mentees attend workshops throughout the year but also work on their own time on any materials related to the high school to post-secondary transition.


Women's initiative

This project is entirely student-run and grassroots. This project mainly consists of creating and running 4 workshops centred around women’s sexual and menstrual health. We will work as a team to contact health professionals and organizations to come help facilitate our workshop and help support these women. 


A key priority of our workshops is  ensuring that they are intersectional, and acknowledge the various barriers that various groups of marginalized women face. The goal of this project is to help disadvantaged women, and as we run each workshop we will be reaching more women and providing them with information which is tailored to their needs. This project will be conducted over the span of the months of late May through December.

Clinton Initiative Foundation

The early career planning program will be delivered in two sections. Students in Grade 8 and
Grade 9 will be introduced to the numerous possibilities for their future career and connected
to resources to help them discover and nurture their passions. Grade 10 students will focus on
planning for their career. This workshop will emphasize preparation as the final two years of
high school are critical for entry into post-secondary programs.

For both sessions the overall goal is to inspire students to consider all options for their future
careers, including both traditional and non-traditional programs, and to connect them to
resources such as peer mentorship that will help them succeed on their path to success. For
Grade 10 students, a second goal is to prepare them for their final years of high school such
that they will be able to pursue their desired program or career.


Archived Projects


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