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Hope 4 Success  2

November 22, 2020 5:00 PM PDT

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H.O.P.E. for Success is a series of  workshops aimed at helping ease the transition from high school to university for students in the Greater Vancouver region. This encompasses workshops about the university application process, creating effective worklists, and developing essential skills for first year students. As part of  our mentorship program, we also pair each student with a mentor who is currently a university student in a unique longitudinal structure. This provides the university student body with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and pay it forward to benefit students whose shoes they were once in, as well as a support system for graduating mentees. We also expanded our H.O.P.E. for Success Program to various school districts, namely Richmond, Burnaby, Surrey, and Langley, in order to make these workshops more accessible to high school students who may live outside Vancouver city center.

“My experience with the Ambassador Program has been nothing short of empowering. Prior to my UBC HOPE affiliated club, Hands of HOPE, I didn’t feel like I had the ability to create any impactful change, but my club has since given me the confidence and opportunity to contribute to my community. Hands of HOPE gave me a platform to start my own passion projects. As an Ambassador, and with the support of our Mentorship External Director, I was inspired and empowered to take initiative and discover what I am truly passionate about. These experiences have given me the opportunity to develop essential skills such as leadership, communication, and teamwork.”

-Winnie Jiang, Ambassador

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