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H.O.P.E. for Success is a series of workshops aimed at helping ease the transition from high school to university for students in the Greater Vancouver region. This encompasses workshops about the university application process, creating effective worklists, and developing essential skills for first year students. who may live outside Vancouver city center.

Worklist Workshop Resource Guide

This extensive resource guide contains faculty information, study tips, scholarship and bursary information, general information about UBC and university life, and much more. 

Let us tell you the wonderful things your contribution does for our community. A small donation goes towards creating care packages that UBC HOPE distributes to individuals marginalized in the downtown eastside through an event called Warmth of Winter. It also goes towards the materials and supplies needed to make HOPE4Success a reality! We also do similar programs with students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and your contribution will help us provide them with useful insights for post-secondary options and trades schools. It’s with the contributions of awesome people like you that we are able to give and help those that need it most. So, not only would you be accessing a package that provides you info about UBC, the faculties, and student stories, you’re also helping those that need it most!

Access to this resource guide is limited to students who have donated to H.O.P.E. To gain access, please donate through our Paypal. Your information will be sent to us, and you will then be sent a password to access the resource guide. Our minimum donation amount is $1 but our suggested amount is $5. All proceeds go towards H.O.P.E.'s initiatives.

Suggested items ListS

A university essentials list with recommended dorm items, textbooks and more! Custom-made by our HOPE for Success mentors. Amazon Prime accounts have a 6 month free trial for students!

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