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dream it be it

After the success of Media and the Mind, HOPE presented the Dream It. Be It. Conference In the summer of 2017. HOPE wanted to bring together a vast array of speakers and community change makers from different walks of life in efforts to empower, educate, and equip youth of this generation with the tools and skills needed to turn their dreams into reality. Young people from local Vancouver high schools, colleges and universities were invited to this conference with a morning of inspiring keynote speakers, a catered lunch, and an afternoon of workshops.  This conference served as a launching pad into potential mentorship opportunities, internships, and job-shadowing opportunities with speakers and guests. Our theme this year is centered around breaking gender stereotypes in the workplace and to encourage young people to break out from societal norms.

Hope For Homes

The idea behind Hope for Homes was to give high school students an opportunity to become more aware of different socioeconomic populations in Vancouver and to provide hands on opportunities to get involved in philanthropic work. In this three-part project H.O.P.E. worked specifically with homeless or runaway youth through Covenant House Vancouver.


The first part of the project ‘Clothing for the Community’ collects clothing from a school-wide clothing drive to go towards Covenant House Vancouver. However instead of simply donating these items, members have the chance to create outfits as gifts for a certain youth or individual living at the shelter. This way, students identify more readily with these youth and are given an environment where empathy can be easily developed. The second part of the project, ‘Hampers for the Holidays’, enlists the support of local stores to donate basic necessities to create care packages for those living outside in the winter. With continued efforts in the third event, Thank-a-Thons, over 1000 calls were made in the last two years to say thanks to donors all over Canada. Thank-A-Thons also raise awareness for the fact that there are more homeless children and youth in Canada than adults and that they are the ones truly in need.

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